From our happy alumni:

“Thanks to Bleedfesst, MORBID CURIOSITY has been invited to screen at All Things Horror in Massachusetts this coming February! Woo Hoo!! Thanks to Brenda Fies Elisabeth Fies and all of you amazing people!!! ♥ ♥” – Cindy Baer, MORBID CURIOSITY, Audience Award Winner December 2010

“It was fucking incredible. Seeing these wonderful films with such a great horror crowd was awesome — let me tell you, boys and girls, film making powerhouse sisters Elisabeth and Brenda Fies know how to throw a party. It was with great sadness that we packed our bags and headed back up to Canada after the fest. What an incredible opportunity to see and screen fantastic indie movies that often go unnoticed against the big studio blockbusters. From experience let me tell you, the ladies really know their horror shit. They are smart and they welcome you to the festival with a level of kindness and sincerity that makes you feel like family. It is a great event to showcase your work. This fast approaching December 5th marks the first of many upcoming Bleedfest, a bloody good time.” – Sylvia Soska, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK.

“Thank you so much for all the support.” – Amanda Gusack, IN MEMORIUM

“I received word that one of my shorts will be played during Bleedfest’s February festival! An already huge honour was made even more so by the fact that February is Women in Horror month! Thank you Elisabeth Fies!” – Lori Bowen, ESSENGER, AFTERSHOCK

Amanda Gusack’s critically acclaimed supernatural feature IN MEMORIUM is now available for streaming online through Indieflix! Watch this amazing film RIGHT NOW for only $5.99! Amanda’s follow up feature, the fantastic genre bending multimillion dollar thriller THE BETRAYED stars Melissa George and is available for rent at Blockbuster and Netflix.

Networking in the happy BleedFest lobby!

Networking in the happy BleedFest lobby!

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK has played over a dozen more festivals, signed with a sales agent, and the Soska Sisters are announcing their next feature film AMERICAN MARY with a trailer on their site December 11th, 2010! The Soska have made several shorts that will be playing upcoming BleedFest events…look for the darkly humorous suspense tale BAD GIRLS to play December 5th as we launch into our monthly bleeding pattern! What’s that? You say you can’t make it? Well then you may watch the awesome 7 minute BAD GIRLS short on their site for free…right now.
Q&A with Dead Hooker team's Q & A

Q&A with Soska's Dead Hooker team

Thriller short SIMONE by Jenine Mayring has played in two more film festivals!  Simone’s Facebook page. Her new music video for indie singer Emii’s song MY ZOMBIE BOYFRIEND just won a silver International Davey Award. MY ZOMBIE BOYFRIEND will screen February 6th, 2011 at our Women In Horror Recognition Month Event.

Jenine Mayring's Q & A for SIMONE

Jenine Mayring's Q & A for SIMONE

THE COMMUNE has played in five more film festivals. It was awarded “Best International Picture” at Bram Stoker Film Festival, and director Elisabeth Fies received “Best Emerging B-Movie Filmmaker” from The B Movie Celebration. Special Edition DVDs are on sale at and there are 200 copies for you to rent at Netflix!

Producers of THE COMMUNE Brenda Fies and Heidi Hornbacher

Producers of THE COMMUNE Brenda Fies and Heidi Hornbacher


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  1. Roz Tillman says:

    Just found out about Bleedfest from an actress/filmmaker client. Can’t wait to attend February’s event.
    Roz Tillman
    Roz Tillman Management

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