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“Dynamic sister-duo filmmaking team, Brenda and Elisabeth Fies, have given me another reason to be slack jawed with awe and respect. This Sunday, December 5th at the CAP Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA, they begin their monthly BleedFest (, a stinging odyssey into sharply based, estrogen heavy film ‘festivaling’ and I, for one, couldn’t be more pleased. As the passionate Lis recounted in a recent email, Sundance Film Festival only has one female in their genre division this year while many other prominent entities have none”. – Brian Kirst, Big Gay Horror Fan

“Best of luck! What an incredible lineup. Keep kicking ass.” – James Cortez, Planet of Terror

“Gender inequality in the workplace is hardly a thing of the past, and it is perhaps most acutely felt in the film industry where it seems to be not only tolerated, but accepted as a permanent inevitability. Female artists who aspire to become writers, producers, or directors often find themselves facing an extra obstacle in an already exceedingly difficult industry to gain a foothold in. This is felt in the horror genre, certainly, but it really is an industry-wide phenomenon that is decades behind where it should be. As a film enthusiast, writer, and podcaster, I have heard multiple times that female filmmakers do not exist, but that is far from the truth. In actuality, there are many women who are working their fingers to the bone making movies, and the mission of filmmakers Elisabeth and Brenda Fies is to provide a venue for their work.” – Miguel Rodriguez,

“You two are great! Come back on the show soon.” – Sam Rivas, Savir Show

“Elisabeth Fies, mastermind behind The Commune, is certainly one of the coolest people I’ve come across in the horror realm this year. A true champion for women in horror, Ms. Fies and company has spearheaded a monthly festival highlighting the works of female filmmakers that is sure to make any horror lover proud. After a successful debut this summer, Bleedfest will be re-opening its doors next weekend in Los Angeles – complete with a collection of competing short films, awards, and a killer feature! Though FMWL can only support the ambitious Bleedfest festival from a distance, it’s an honor to share what Elisabeth has up her sleeve for you crazy Los Angelenos on December 5th!” – Mike Frohwein, From Midnight With Love

“What can I say. I love women, I love women in horror and I love women in power! Hey it’s a turn on! So what we have here is nothing short of a powerful December 5th heading our way so check out the Press Release and read all about it, the women involved and their films in this great Film Fest called Bleedfest.” – Brian Shirley,

“An incredibly awesome genre film festival: BLEEDFEST…If $ is something you just can’t give then show support in other ways: post links, tell your friends, post blogs about it. Help make this a fun time for both male & female fans & a venue to showcase women working in the genre.” – Hannah Neurotica Ax Wound Zine


“This is just EXCELLENT!” – Sarah Vaill, Filmmaker, Women With Altitude

“Move over gents, it’s not a boys only club.” – James Cortez,

“This is one hell of a festival series you have going here!” – Brian Solomon, Vault of Horror

“I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing films by women that I haven’t had a chance to see yet!” – Heidi Martinuzzi, FanGirlTastic

“Can’t wait to meet u all & see great films & network! I didn’t realize there were so many women. You’re making history, and I’m excited to be a part of it!” – Jenefer Delora, Scream Queen

“Ladies helping ladies: the way it should be.” – Kristy Jett,

“It’s freaking awesome! I shared the link on my page a few hours ago because I randomly decided to check it out and was amazed. It’s going to be huge!” – Heidi Hornbacher Cavagna, filmmaker, director of Impact Self Defense

“You know what is so freakin’ great about Bleedfest? Well–besides the obvious– You are allowing filmmakers to screen projects that 1)Premiere status does not matter and 2)Age of the peice does not matter! I am so excited to screen MORBID CURIOSITY with you, which has not been on a “big screen” since 2007! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!! It’ amazing. thank you.” – Cindy Baer, filmmaker

“Going to be a bloody blast, come out and say hello & check out all the great independent films!!!” – Dave Reda, filmmaker

“John and I would love to cover the red carpet on Sunday for you for our show Eye on Entertainment!” – Dawna Lee Heising, host, EYE ON ENTERTAINMENT on Time Warner

@PlanetOfTerror”Support the incredible works of indie filmmakers.”

@TheMike31 “Support ladies of horror like @kidsis and @twisted_twins this weekend at Bleedfest! Full press release at FMWL!”

@ActionChick “BleedFest Film Festival: Women Who Make Indie Genre Movies – w/ pic @kidsis @ReelArtsy”

“Love what the concept of Bleedfest and what you’re doing for female filmmakers!” – Brian Shirley,

“I look forward to this great festival and sharing all the highlights with our readers.” – Zach Shildwachter, Blood

“BleedFest in full effect and I’m loving it.” – Christina Wickers, actor


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  1. I applaude what you’re doing. The films I make and want to make are mainstream, action/adventure/thriller. Uniting this talent is a fantastic idea and I look forward to submitting my film soon. We’re screening at a couple of local festivals in April.
    Lake Arrowhead FF and L.A. Asian Pacific FF April 29th Laemmele Sunset 5 9:30pm.
    I’m headed to Cleveland Int’l ff which is an Oscar qualifier tomorrow, we screen Friday April 1 and we’re screening this Thursday, March 31 at the South Florida WIFF

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